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    2017: 4#, 5# heat treatment line production, equipment relocation and operation start, hosted the Pan-Yangtze River Delta elevator industry joint meeting. Participated in the revision of the national standard "wire rope for electric shovel", "wire rope for crane", "wire rope for mine lifting", "hardening-tempering spring steel wire"


    2016: Planning and investment of Shenwang Steel Cable 4#, 5# heat treatment line, new matching wire drawing equipment;


    2015: The 3# galvanizing line of Shenwang Steel Cable was put into production. The second phase of the plant started construction.


    2014: A graded production enterprise of China's well-known trademarks and national coal industry metal products.


    2013: The first phase of Shenwang Steel Cable was completed, and the 2# Korean galvanizing production line and Italian smashing equipment were commissioned. Participated in the drafting of the "galvanized steel strand", the national standard "wire rope safety use and maintenance information" drafting


    2012: The group headquarters office building was opened. The trial production of 100mm steel wire rope was successful. “Jiangsu Provincial Graduate Workstation”


    2011: The construction of the “Jingwang Steel Cable” of Jiangyan Production Base began. Obtained, the national coal industry fixed-point production of metal products, provincial science and technology small and medium-sized certification, provincial-level enterprise technology center certification, metallurgical product physical quality certification certificate gold cup award, and establish a cooperative relationship with Beijing University of Science and Technology.


    2010: Acquired the Jiangsu Famous Brand Product Certificate, Jiangsu Private Technology Enterprise, Jiangsu Province Standardized Good Behavior 4A Certificate, Compaction Piling Wire Rope High-tech Product Certification, etc.; established the production, study and research cooperation relationship with Southeast University.


    2009: Established Jiangsu Shenwang Group to develop wire rope for special diameters. Obtained the title of famous trademark of Jiangsu Province


    2007: Joint venture with Germany and Hong Kong to establish Gus Dev Wolf (Suzhou) Company, and participated in the drafting of two national standards in the same year;


    2006: Expand investment, start construction of 100 mu of land in the new plant area and build 40,000 square meters of factory buildings


    2002: Started to expand the scale to produce 40mm expanded varieties and products; Develop new products--oil quenching spring steel wire for the automotive industry; renamed Jiangsu Shenwang Metal Products Co., Ltd.


    1996: Township enterprises were transformed into private enterprises, Suzhou Shenwang Steel Rope Co., Ltd. was established; entering elevator, coal mine, port machinery industry


    1988: Wire rope products begin to enter the international market


    1987年: 更名,吴县市第二钢丝绳厂;开始生产圆股钢丝绳


    1984: Started commodity wire


    1976: Construction, township

    Enterprise: Enterprise Library, Light Brushing Factory Town