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    Caring for the development of social undertakings and contri

    2018-08-06 ? 字号
    Concerned about the development of social undertakings, and contribute to the construction of home schools. In the evening of November 5th, with the concern of the education in his hometown, Huang Weiliang and vice president Zhu Shui Fa, the chairman of the group company, visited Xu Kou experimental primary school to visit the academic report hall, which was provided by our company to provide facilities. Liu Yongzhong, the principal of the Xu Kou experimental primary school, warmly received and introduced the development of the school.
    Huang Weiliang, chairman and his party, accompanied by Liu Yongzhong, President of Xu Kou experimental primary school, visited the school.
    President Huang Weiliang and his delegation visited the academic lecture hall donated by the group of gods.
    In his visit, President Huang Weiliang said that education is a major event for a country and a nation. It is a glorious mission for the enterprises to help schools and help them. They are willing to cooperate with schools regularly to contribute to the local education.